WineSide, wines in tube


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A slender silhouette, an astonishingly unique packaging as well as authentic tastes enhance the ergonomics and design.

The pure and continuous line of the glass tube reflects the purity of the wine colours and is incredibly efficient in presenting the flavor inside.

WineSide, Vins en tube et étuis packagés

The secret? Controlled atmosphere filling

Using WIT France© technologie guarantees the stabilisation of the flavours or products in general. A miracle which avoids any spoiling or alteration of the product.
The taste is trapped inside, ready to be released … into your mouth!
The screw cap/top is a perfect seal and means easy opening, anywhere, any time.
No more corkscrews.



WineSide, le vin en tube !


WineSide© : the selection

Meticulously selected for their ability to characterise a particular area or famous vineyard, our wines come from the finest AOCs and the most prestigious châteaux.
From their best harvest year, our wines provide you with an exceptional tasting experience.



WineSide, le vin en tube version Saint Emilion grand Cru